Are you looking to improve your basic computer skills and online knowledge? Want to know how to use social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter or learn how to sell on eBay or talk on Skype? Mouse Mat Media can help teach you these skills

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Are you looking for professional help with your social media set-up or management? Mouse Mat Media offers a wide selection of Social Media Solutions that range from simple account set-ups to more advanced account management options

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Looking to do some online research for business or academic reasons? We can help with your online research needs to gather, update or maintain data. We can also help out with any Data Cleansing or Online or Data Entry work your business has.

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Reviews and

Looking for user testing of your new website or app? Want to know how your website looks and feels to a potential visitor? We can offer suggestions, look at compatibility on different browsers and devices as well as test links and ensure that your site is user friendly.

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Our Story

Mouse Mat Media was set-up back in 2013 and ever since then we have been helping individuals and small businesses to maximize their understanding and impact in today’s increasingly online world. We provide professional and affordable social media plans, along with personalised computer training solutions, online research options as well as website and app user testing evaluations. We can also combine our core services with other customer needs such as Web and Logo Design, PPC advertising and Web Hosting.