Our Services

Computer Skills Training

Do you, your business, or someone you know need to improve their basic computer skills and online knowledge? Want to know how to use social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, or learn how to sell on eBay or talk on Skype? If the answer is yes then Mouse Mat Media have services that may be able to help.

We understand that not everyone is up to speed on the latest online activities and need a bit of help. This is why we offer local one-on-one training sessions tutoring you on all you need to know, at a pace to suit your learning.

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Social Media Management

Are you looking for professional help with setting up your social media accounts or looking for reliable social media management? Mouse Mat Media offers a wide selection of Social Media Solutions that range from simple account and page set-ups to more advanced account management options.

Whether it's setting up pages for an event or business, to managing a dedicated account with regular content uploads and customer service responses, Mouse Mat Media have solutions to fit all needs.

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Website & App Testing

Mouse Mat Media also offers a comprehensive website and app testing service that allows website owners and designers to gain user insight into the design and functionality of your new website or app.

We will offer suggestions, look at compatibility on different browsers and devices as well as test links and ensure that your site is user friendly. We will run a web page test but the primary focus of our reviews is in user testing - what a visitor thinks and feels about your website, your services and your brand.

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Online Research Services

Looking to do some online research for business or academic reasons? We can help with your online research needs to gather, update or maintain data. We can also help out with any Data Cleansing or Online or Data Entry work you or your business has.

Our competitive rates are very flexible and we use our online skills and knowledge to get the latest and most accurate information.

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