Our Story

Mouse Mat Media was established back in 2013 and ever since then we have been helping individuals and small businesses to maximize their understanding and impact in today’s increasingly connected world.

In January 2016 Mouse Mat Media became part of the JDavies Enterprises family following its acquisition by the group.
Becoming Part of JDavies Enterprises opens up access to an Awesome range of additional products and Services for Mouse Mat Media Clients along side the services Mouse Mat Media has delivered to our clients since 2013.

We provide professional and affordable social media plans, along with personalized computer training solutions. We can also combine our four core services with other customer needs such as Web and Logo Design, PPC advertising and Web Hosting. All of our services are designed to meet the specific needs of our clients so they are tailored and unique, not out of the box or bought off the shelf. We believe that no job is too small or pesky and we are happy to help clients with even the most basic of need.

Whether it’s helping individuals to use social media or to start a blog, or helping a small business who either wish to start their online journey or improve their current online brand and business exposure, Mouse Mat Media can help.

We can set-up, manage and develop social media accounts and strategies that can help with anything from communicating with family members via platforms like Facebook or Skype, to effectively targeting new customers, improving customer feedback or simply gaining greater online exposure for your personal or business needs.

We have a long and varied range of professional services that we can offer. If there is something you feel we may be able to help with, but it isn’t listed on the site, please get in touch and we will get back to you.

In short, for your online or computing needs, why not talk to Mouse Mat Media?


Computer Skills Training

Website and App Testing

Social Media Management

Online Research Services