Content Creation

Search engines like new. In fact Google likes new so much that they positively encourage and rank new material higher than old. This is why having creative, well written and original posts can help drive customers and visitors towards your website, rather than towards the competition.

Quality bespoke blog posts and articles can establish your brand as a trusted source of information and position you as a thought leader for your industry.How much more business would you earn if you were considered an industry leader? Creating consistent and interesting content will gain you the trust of your audience and the Google Gods.

As part of our social media management services we can source and create new and unique content to help drive visitors to your business. This is what we call our content driven social media management plan.

Our professional team of content writers specialize in writing high quality original posts that will get indexed by the search engines. These engaging and informative pieces are designed to deliver relevant visitors to your website who in turn will share it via social media networks, or by linking to your website. That’s pretty much the Holy Grail as far as online marketing is concerned, inform, engage and let them spread your brand.

Our packages are flexible in nature, as every business requires a different approach, and our content creation services are guaranteed to be unique to your business, not bought off the shelf or recycled.

Our most popular package is aimed at small businesses who wish to monitor, grow and manage their social media platforms, but don't want a full time role or workload within the company. This can include initial set-up and branding of the companies social media pages as well as weekly unique blog posts, re-tweets, likes and managed replies or forwarded notifications. This allows a business to be active, engaging with potential and current clients while not having to employ a social media/online specialist within the company. This flexible package starts from £99 a month, depending on your specific needs. Please contact us for further information or to discuss your requirements.

Whether it is a one-off, occasional or regular need, Mouse Mat Media can create and source high quality, original material that will help your businesses online needs.


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