Website Testing & Evaluations

Mouse Mat Media also offers a comprehensive website and app testing service that allows website owners and designers to gain user insight into the design and functionality of your new website or app.

We will offer suggestions, look at compatibility on different browsers and devices as well as test your website links and ensure that your site is user friendly. We will run a simple web page test but the primary focus of our reviewing process is in user testing - what a real UK visitor thinks and feels about your website, your services and your brand. How easy is it to navigate your site? Are there any problems, errors or broken links? Is it compatible with their mobile or tablet use?

See how real people use your website or app.

We provide an in-depth online screenshot video complete with a thorough talk through of your webpage which you can access privately via our website.

You can decide what you want to test (e.g. website, prototype, app) and set tasks for users to complete.

Successful companies like Amazon, eBay and Google spend millions of dollars each year ensuring their websites and applications are intuitive and easy for their customers to use. They continuously test every aspect of their business with real customers to create a better "user experience". They know that a great user experience builds brand loyalty, attracts more customers and generates more sales. A bad user experience means customers leave your website and don't come back.



Ordering a Review

It's so simple to order a website evaluation from Mouse Mat Media, and all for only £5.

Simply fill out the contact form as follows -

  1. Give us your personal or business name and contact email address.
  2. Give us the website address/URL to be tested.

Please ensure this is correct as we cannot process your order without a correct and active URL.  Should start with http://

  1. Give us the User question. Think of this as the reason and main motivation for the user visit to your website.

Is the user searching for something on your site, such as a product, recipe or service?

Are they planning to visit your business or event so need locality information of your site?

  1. Give us any other information relevant to the user task.

Anything in particular that you want looking at? Any time or date you want us to visit your website?

  1. Hit 'Order & Pay' where your order will be send to us and you will be re-directed to PayPal to pay.

It's really that simple to place your order and we usually process all orders within 48 hours. You will then receive a log-in page link and password to securely access your evaluation video via the Mouse Mat Media website.

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